We wish them a speedy recovery

TOUR TRAGEDY Britain’s New Musical Express Website reporting that Southern California rock band Alien Ant Farm was involved in a bus crash in Spain early Wednesday morning while en route to Lisbon, Portugal, for a show. The bus driver was […]

You’ll have to defeat me to win

Good Luck! Island Records is giving away a trip for two to see Elvis Costello in Europe this summer. Fans can enter the contest via Doll Revolution, a site named after the song “Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s a […]

Did you know that the band’s name REM doesn’t stand for Rapid Eye Movement?

Are They Still Relevant? R.E.M. has posted a free remix CD online.

I’m Still Enjoying the new CD by Weezer that came out last week, and the new Eminem CD that now comes out next week.

Today’s New Music Releases Wow, I just took a look at the list of today’s new CD releases. Man, there isn’t one thing that I would buy. Heck, or even download for that matter. But that’s me. Perhaps you will […]

Giddy- up!

It’s About Time! Bryan Adams gets back on the horse.

It’s Been online since late April

SHOW OPENING EARLY Interscope Records announced late on Friday that Eminem’s new album, “The Eminem Show,” will be in stores May 28–a week earlier than expected. Label reps say the move was made after the album was leaked on the […]

The HYpe Continues

FAMILY ALBUM Kelly Osbourne, the 17-year-old daughter in the Osbourne clan, recording Madonna’s 1986 hit “Papa Don’t Preach” for an album collection of the family’s favorite tunes to be released June 11 by Epic Records. The album will also include […]

A new Star Wars movie AND a new Springsteen album all in one year?!?! AWESOME!!!

Can I Get A Confirmation For July 16th? A new reports says that Bruce Springsteen has previewed his new CD. Please email me any copies you have!

Seriously, BUY THIS CD!!!

LETS MAKE THIS “WEEZER WEDNESDAY!!!” After a dispute with Geffen/Interscope over the release of its next album, Weezer has returned with its awesome fourth studio set, “Maladroit.” Earlier this year, the group enraged the label when it made a number […]

Today’s New Releases

One Word: Weezer! Below is a list of the 13 new CD’s that are hitting stores today. And even though there is a new CD from RUSH on the list, the latest from 80’s stalwarts A- HA, and a soundtrack […]