It’s good, but not great

Eminem- “The Eminem Show” (Aftermath/Interscope) Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? On “The Eminem Show” – the follow-up to the 8-million-selling “The Marshall Mathers LP” – he’s by turns a bad-boy rapper, a sensitive father, a neglected son […]

Today’s New Releases

In The Old Days, One Of These CD’s May Have Sold A Million! Prior to the sharing of music files, one of this week’s new CD’s would have come close to the all- time sales record for the first week […]

Would you go back?

Fred Durst Makes Plea To Get Borland Back In Bizkit Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has made a plea to Wes Borland, the band’s former guitarist, to return to the band. “We are hoping Wes will come back and surprise […]

They were so healthy without him

EMINEM SHOW STOPPER Nearly 30 people were injured during a mosh pit stampede as Eminem performed Saturday at a Washington, D.C., concert. Most of the injuries were minor. One man suffered a heart attack but was reportedly stabilized at a […]

Welcome back, chicks

Dixie Chicks Release Sony Single It looks like the Dixie Chicks may be closer to settling their differences with Sony Music than many had originally thought. According to Billboard, Sony digitally delivered the Chicks’ new single, “Long Time Gone,” to […]

Go get ’em Em!

THE EARLY, EARLY SHOW Eminem, having already bumped up his album release to combat Internet pirates, once again moving up the release date of The Eminem Show to Sunday, this Sunday, May 26.

Me loves music!

Coming Soon To A Music Store Near You It’s Summer time! That means the livin’ is easy and the new music releases are plentiful. To help you keep track of all the new CD’s on the horizon, here’s a weekly […]

Did they ever get to be the one with the most cake?

Hole is Officially Dead While many Hole fans have assumed that the band has been disbanded since 1999, lead singer Courtney Love and musician Eric Erlandson announced yesterday that they are officially done. Said Love, “I will always treasure the […]

Haven’t they already released 5 greatest Hits CD’s?

Aerosmith Finalizes Best-Of Tracklist Aerosmith hasn’t yet named its new greatest hits collection, due June 25 from Columbia, but the tracklist for the double-disc set has been finalized. The 30-song set spans the Boston-based rock outfit’s legendary career, beginning with […]

Who Wants to go with me?

Seriously! Who wants to go with me?!? Music legend Neil Diamond is going out on a mini- Canadian tour. I mean it! Who will go with me?