And that number doesn’t even include all of the bad CGI errors

‘Spider-Man’ Heads Toward Error Record Comic book hero “Spider-Man,” the Columbia Pictures film which is breaking box office records in the United States, seems heading toward a new record — but this one is for mistakes. Fans have so far […]

So now I know what I am doing in May of 2004

‘Spider’ Sequel Set for May 2004 A “Spider-Man” sequel is already in the works, after the film broke box office records in its $114 million opening weekend. “Spider-Man 2” will hit theaters in exactly two years: May 7, 2004. Stars […]

But he also hated “The Phantom Menace”

Thoughts From Someone I Trust Even though I have yet to see “Star Wars- Episode II: Attack Of The Clones” I have read the book. A friend of mine has actually seen the movie and this is what he had […]