Hey Dan, whats new in theatres this weekend?!?

Enjoy The Popcorn And I’ll See You At The Movies! A high voltage box office battle is set for the U.S. Memorial Day weekend, as a pair of blockbusters still going strong faces three major releases over a session expected […]

Comic Book Movies Rule!

This Movie Is One I Want To See Fox has moved “Daredevil” to February.

I like the concept of this story!

FORCED OUT Electronic Media is reporting that CNN was uninvited to a press junket for “Star Wars: Episode II–Attack of the Clones” at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, after Connie Chung did a taped segment that described The Phantom Menace as […]

This is the 1700 Post on this site!

Ferrell Gets Some ‘Action’ This just in: Will Ferrell, in his first deal since announcing his departure from “Saturday Night Live,” will star in the romantic comedy “Action Newsman.” He will portray Ron Burgundy, a 1970s anchorman with raging hormones, […]


Does ALIENS VS. PREDATOR have a director? Who knows whether or not we’ll ever see it, but a scooper over at Aint it Cool News reports that the long-talked about Aliens vs. Predator production is close to signing Paul Anderson […]

Nooooo! Not Jennifer Lopez in A Kevin Smith film! Nooooo!!!

JERSEY BOUND Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who star in director Martin Brest’s upcoming “Gigli,” are reteaming for filmmaker Kevin Smith’s “Jersey Girl,” about a man named Ollie and the effects a new wife and daughter have on his seemingly […]

Quick Question- Who Sang The T.V. Show’s Theme Song?

BELIEVE IT OR NOT… Disney planning a big-screen adaptation of the 1980s regular-guy superhero series The Greatest American Hero, Variety reports. The studio and producer Stephen J. Cannell have signed on Paul Hernandez to write the script. Answer- Joey Scarbury […]

Hasn’t there been six or seven already?!?

Hopefully It’s Shorter Than His Other Efforts The next person to take a crack at an “Indiana Jones” script has been named. I wonder if they will ever actually MAKE the movie?


ONLY $110 Million “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones” actually only earned $110 million at the weekend box office. I’ve seen it 4 times already! And I can’t wait to see it again!

There are hidden surprises in “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones”

LucasFilm has already given out a few hidden things in “STAR WARS” EPISODE II” for you to be on the lookout for. Han Solo doesn’t have a cameo in Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, but look closely […]