Donkey Kong is still the greatest game EVER!!!

A 25th-anniversary celebration is in the pipeline for Mario When Shigeru Miyamoto, then an artist at Nintendo, drew a short, stubby character to serve as the hero in arcade game Donkey Kong in 1981, little did he know the mustachioed […]


Xbox blocks W.Va. gamer over town’s name: Fort Gay MORGANTOWN, W.Va. ñ Microsoft Corp. and the chief rules enforcer for Xbox Live are apologizing to a small West Virginia town and a 26-year-old gamer accused of violating the online gaming […]

People will probably flock to get this, but I likely won’t bother.

Get ready to experience Michael Jackson the video game Dancing is eternal. More than a year after the pop icon’s death, Michael Jackson has a new video game on the way, one that teaches players to moonwalk, spin and slide […]

13599 – Ottumwa, Iowa?!?

Video Game Hall of Fame inducting Pac-Man and pals What are the latest cultural artifacts that preservationists want to safeguard for future generations? Pac-Man and his pals. Though the era of video games is far younger than those of books […]


New Guitar Hero to feature Rush’s 2112 Rush fans let out a collective “oh my God” on Thursday as Activision announced the Canadian band’s seminal album 2112 will be heavily featured in the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock video […]


‘Rock Band 3’: Keyboards are the key Ever since Rock Band expanded the musical video-game stage in 2007 to add drums and vocals to the Guitar Hero experience, players have been clamoring for keyboards. Consider that request filled. Rock Band […]

Next week, baby!!!

Green Day immortalized in ‘Rock Band’ Edition NEW YORK ñ With a hit Broadway show and now their own edition of the “Rock Band” franchise, Green Day is establishing themselves as a punk rock brand. “I just like being diverse […]

Awesome news!!!!

EA brings NHL game to Wii Wayne Gretzky admits it: The Great One is just an average hockey player. Well, not really. Only when it comes to EA Sports’ National Hockey League franchise coming to the Nintendo Wii in September, […]

Good for him!!

Drew Brees lands cover of `Madden’ video game Drew Brees has another prize to put next to his Super Bowl MVP trophy: He’s the cover model for this year’s edition of the “Madden NFL” video game. The New Orleans Saints […]

Get ready!!

Music video games primed for new dance revolution DENVER (Billboard) ñ Music games are about to come full circle, with the next stage of the struggling genre coming from the familiar category of dance music, driven by new motion-capture controllers […]