Doctor Who


Doctor Who – The Doctor calls in sick – Season 1 delayed Earlier today we received a report that Doctor Who may be delayed from the planned Feb 14 release date. We checked with the BBC PR company, and they […]

O Canada, my home and native land!!

Doctor Who – Region 1 Release of the New Doctor is Planned for Canada We’ve been looking at the possibility of Canada receiving a set of the 2005 Doctor Who series for awhile now, and it’s finally paid off. The […]

Eccleston is great! I hope the new guy is too!

BBC Confirms New ‘Doctor Who’ LOS ANGELES ( Although Christopher Eccleston’s first season as the star of “Dr. Who” is drumming up huge audiences on The BCC, the popular sci fi franchise has already moved forward. The BCC has confirmed […]

Yeah!! This will make Chris happy!!

They Are Back! Sci Fi Wire is reporting that despite announcing previously that the Daleks would not be included in the new DR WHO series, an agreement has been reached after all that will bring Christopher Eccleston’s WHO up against […]