I still bought music in 2013, both from iTunes and from stores!!

Digital Music Takes a Dive as Record Sales Slip Again in 2013 Digital music sales, once believed to be the record industry’s savior after years of Napster-induced piracy, dropped for the first time since the iTunes store launched in 2003, […]

I liked Terrence Howard in the role, but I think that Don Cheadle is better.

Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr. For Getting Him Fired From ‘Iron Man 2’ Terrence Howard certainly hasn’t been quiet about his removal from the Marvel-verse and “Iron Man” series after the first hit film. Earlier this year he took […]

Makes sense to me!!

Blockbuster’s Last Movie Rental: ‘This Is the End’ The company rented out its final title on Saturday after announcing that it is closing its roughly 300 remaining stores by early 2014. Blockbuster, which announced last week that it is closing […]

I blame the fact that there is a lack of good music for people to buy.

Album Sales Nosedive as Cruel Summer Rolls On After more than a decade of online piracy, record-store closings, major-label layoffs and superstar artists abruptly turning independent, the record industry may have finally hit bottom this summer. At the end of […]

Well, I think the whole world is relieved now!!

Robert Downey Jr. Signs on For ‘Avengers 2′ and ‘Avengers 3′ After weeks of speculation as to whether or not he would return, Robert Downey Jr. has officially signed on for the next two “Avengers” films. Marvel made the announcement […]

As he should!!

Robert Downey Jr. Playing Hardball During Avengers 2 Contract Negotiations The future looks incredibly bright for Marvel Studios. Not only was The Avengers one of the biggest hits of all time, now ranking number three on the all-time records chart, […]

I want that deal!!

Film or no film, Jackson must have his golf Golf nut Samuel L. Jackson has a special clause written into his movie contracts – he gets two days off a week to plays his favourite sport. According to a new […]

That industry died really fast, didn’t it?!

Rogers exits video store business Rogers has officially bailed on the video store business. In December, the company announced it was closing 40 per cent of its video shops as it continued to move away from selling and renting physical […]

George is no longer getting upset!!

Alexander becomes ‘Soup Nazi’ spokesman LOS ANGELES — Seinfeld star Jason Alexander will finally get as much soup as he wants: He’s the new spokesman for SoupMan Al Yeganeh, the man whose restaurant inspired the classic “Soup Nazi” character on […]

It was a bad year for movies on all sides!!

Movie crowds dip to 16-year low as apathy lingers LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood has more tricks in its bag than ever with digital 3-D and other new film tools. Yet as the images on screen get bigger and better, […]