I’ll Never Tell

“Don’t Say A Word” finishes number one at the box office.

If You Care

Jennifer Lopez marries one of her dancers. I wonder if it’s just a perk of the job?

Emmy Is Bi

Part of October’s Los Angeles Emmy Show to come from New York.

Just Like Chuck Heston Seeing The Chimp On The Pony

Pop culture loses some of it’s lustre.

The Wind Will Be Silent Until 2002

MGM delays “Windtalkers” until June of 2002.


Is this the end of the video tape?


Sorry folks…I was doing some maintenance an nuked everything from this page. It’s all in the archives if you want to see it. We’ll have to wait for Dan to wake up to get some new stuff up here…


I have just enabled the comment system. This will allow you to tell Dan and other readers what you think. You should see a “Comments” link at the end of each story. It is pretty self explanatory. It’s not very […]


SNL is back! Saturday Night Live makes a careful return to the airwaves.

Another NY Benefit In The Works

Paul McCartney and friends plan NY benefit show.