The House That Ruth Built Cared

Prayers and hope fill Yankee Stadium.

Rest In Peace

Master violinist Isaac Stern has died.

Once Again, Who Asked Him

Elton John says he finds women attractive too.

The Are The Greatest!

Yes they are! The results of a new magazine poll sees “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back” as the two greatest films of all time. They are!! They are!

What’s On TV?

Plots are new hot spots for TV networks.

Tinsletown Slows Down

Hollywood slips into slow motion.

Weekend Box Office

“Hardball” wins box office pennant again while “Glitter” has no shine. None whatsoever!

Record Numbers For Disaster Coverage

Bush speech, Telethon both draw record numbers.

Macca Sets Benefit

Paul McCartney plans a benefit for New York firefighters.

Julia Gives Big Bucks

Julia Roberts gives $2 million to attack victims.