More Legends Join McCartney

Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton join Paul McCartney benefit.

Merry Christmas!

Sony to unwrap “Ali” movie on Christmas Day.

Windtalkers Delayed…Again

John Woo’s “Windtalkers” delayed again.

The Terminator DVD Goodies

The Terminator: Special Edition Hidden Easter Eggs On MGM Home EntertainmentĂ­s Incredible Special Edition release of James CameronĂ­s ‘The Terminator’ a whole lot of additional material is well hidden on the disc. Insert the side of the DVD that contains […]

Heathcliff Moves No More

The creator of Heathcliff The Cat” comic has died. R.I.P.

Man I Hate Her!!!!!!!

Oh, I thought I could never despise this “woman” more than I do already, but I guess it is possible. I now hate Courtney Love even more as she sues for total control of the Nirvana catalogue. Give it up […]

One Million Dollars (Say like Dr. Evil)

Emmy to cost $1 million more due to security.

I’m Not The Dad

Jodie Foster is a mother again.

Finally, The Entertainment World Moves Forward

“The West Wing” opens the door to television terrorism themes.

Imagine All The People…

John Lennon tribute honours World Trade Center Tragedy.