Can I Borrow 12 Thousand Dollars?

A Dinner with the incredible Charlize Theron is Up for Auction Fans of actress the luscious actress CHARLIZE THERON are in a furious bidding war to win dinner with her in her own home – and already the bids have […]

SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP- Strange Brew Is Coming To DVD!!!!

OH MY FRICKIN’ GAWD!!!! Finally, I have recieved word that there is a special edition in the works for the greatest movie of all time!!!!! OUCH!! A number of great special editions are officially planned for 2002, by Warner Home […]

Blair Speaks

Lisa Whelchel, Blair from TV’s The Facts Of Life, says that she sees America has changed. Well, I guess you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…

Sure, But I Miss The Spandex Suit

The luscious Jeri Ryan enjoys her move to Boston Public. (See above comment).

Is He Human?

His new album plays up Mick Jagger’s human side.

Macca Does Good

Paul McCartney hands out concert tickets at New York firehouses for Saturday’s Concert For New York City.

Well Maybe If The Latter Didn’t Suck

To no one’s surprise Friends stays ahead of the evr slumping Survivor: Africa. So maybe Survivor: Africa should vote Jesse back in…

Survivor: Africa Episode 2 Results

If you missed it, or can’t be bothered watching it but are curious as to what happened, here are the results from Episode 2 of Survivor: Africa. PS- Long live the babe!


I received a submission from Nadica, under the category of “Garbage”, asking: “Ok, is anyone actually reading this (besides me, of course)? Just wondering. :)” Well, I’d like to know too, so let me know by emailing me via the […]

There Will Be A Sequel

The first one was great and now there will be a sequel. Robert De Niro “Analyzes This” big payday.