New Sloan Review

It’s already out in The States and it gets released on Tuesday, the 16th of October in Canada. So here is a review of Sloan- Pretty Together. What!??! You’ve never heard of Sloan?!? Blasphemous!!

I Love This Show

Guests Line Up To Appear On ALIAS Gina Torres (Any Day Now, The Matrix Reloaded) makes her first two appearances as Sydney’s deadly nemesis, K-Directorate agent Anna Espinosa, on ALIAS this week and next. The episodes find Syd traveling to […]

ABC Makes Moves

WHAT ABOUT JOAN Canceled, NYPD BLUE Moves Back To Tuesdays ABC has announced plans to overhaul its Tuesday night schedule, immediately canceling WHAT ABOUT JOAN and moving Denis Leary’s THE JOB back to midseason. BOB PATERSON will move to Wednesday […]

The Reason I Have No Money

If you haven’t already noticed, the movie studios are in the midst of fourth quarter roll- out of DVD’s for the Holidays. And yet, there is no imminent release date for “Strange Brew!”

Is Bert Evil?

Is Bert Evil? Judge for yourself! Here’s the Bert- Bin Laden Connection.

Kiss Her You Fool

Disney’s “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” DVD sells one million units on it’s first day.

The Decision Is To Emmy

Emmy organizers say the Awards show will go on.

Cash Not Well

Country legend Johnny Cash hospitalized in Nashville.

Want To Know More About The New Star Trek Babe?

Want to know more about the new Star Trek babe?

Will This Prove False?

Here’s a new angle: The Jennifer Lopez- Anthrax connection. And I don’t mean the band with the latter.