Will Emmy Shine on November 4?

There’s a rumour afoot that The Emmys will now be awarded on November 4th.

Charity Defectors

Mick Jagger and Kiss pull out of this weekend’s chairity concert in Washington.

No Bond For Anna

Kournikova’s No Bond Girl Russian beauty ANNA KOURNIKOVA may sizzle on the tennis court – but she’s not about to spice up the latest JAMES BOND movie. EON PRODUCTIONS, who produce the spy flicks, have rubbished reports the busty blonde […]

Better Her Than Whitney Houston

Anna Kournikova to Be Next Bond Girl Tennis beauty ANNA KOURNIKOVA is being lined up to be JAMES BONDS’ next conquest. The 20-year-old sports star is in talks to join PIERCE BROSNAN in his fourth movie about the British secret […]

Leave Us A Sloan

The goofy guy in Sloan gets serious. FYI- The new Sloan disc, Pretty Together, in stores tomorrow!

She’s Material Again

Madonna lends her song “Ray Of Light” to Microsoft.

He’s The One With The Freaky Eyes

Borland Bolts Bizkit.

The Dice, Umm, Role hast been Cast

Ang Lee has given us what we want. We now have a “Hulk.”

This Just In…

NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw says he may have been exposed to anthrax.

Bring The Noise

The rock band Anthrax bemoans their untimely name.