The Mail Is In The Check

All Emmy mail is being diverted.

Big Bucks, No Whammies

So far, this weekend’s various benefit concerts have raised 17 million dollars.

Just Send An Email

In this day and age celebrities are being cautious with their fan mail. That’s why I only open emails now.

Bah Dilah Taw Wah Boo

Bob Dylan is going to write a multivolume autobiography. Chapter One, got my first guitar…

She Is Crazy

Mariah Carey has decided to take a role on Ally MacBeal.

Still In Shock!

OH MY FRICKIN’ GAWD!!!! Finally, I have received word that there is a special edition in the works for the greatest movie of all time!!!!! OUCH!! A number of great special editions are officially planned for 2002 and are in […]

Dan’s Thoughts On The “Charity” Concerts

Over the weekend many of the world’s brightest stars, both past and present, performed in New York, Washington, Toronto, Atlanta and other places around North America in concerts benefiting the victims and families of the September 11th attacks. Their stated […]

No! It’s The Band I’m Referring To

Anthrax- The Band! The Band!- does what it can to help.

And Now You Know The Rest Of The Story

Paul McCartney explains his Michael Jackson and Yoko One Feuds. Okay, fine. But can he explain “Give My Regards To Broad Street?”

Well Who Isn’t

AOL is a slave for Britney Spears.