Canada Does It’s Part Too

Canadian stars hold a benefit concert for Afghan refugees. Psst! Alanis was there!!!

Its Right Up There

“Because I Got High” tops the British charts. Man, do I have the munchies!

Without Geri Spice, What Does It Matter Anyway?

A British newspaper is reporting that the squabbling Spice Girls are now history. So ziz a zig ahhh, I guess.

No, Not “Go To Hell…”

“From Hell” tops the weekend box office charts.

The New York Show Was A Success

Stars and rescuers all rock in New York attack concert tribute.

Washington Concert Goes Well

Pop Stars lead tribute concert on Washington on Sunday.

Can I Borrow 12 Thousand Dollars?

A Dinner with the incredible Charlize Theron is Up for Auction Fans of actress the luscious actress CHARLIZE THERON are in a furious bidding war to win dinner with her in her own home – and already the bids have […]

SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP- Strange Brew Is Coming To DVD!!!!

OH MY FRICKIN’ GAWD!!!! Finally, I have recieved word that there is a special edition in the works for the greatest movie of all time!!!!! OUCH!! A number of great special editions are officially planned for 2002, by Warner Home […]

Blair Speaks

Lisa Whelchel, Blair from TV’s The Facts Of Life, says that she sees America has changed. Well, I guess you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…

Sure, But I Miss The Spandex Suit

The luscious Jeri Ryan enjoys her move to Boston Public. (See above comment).