Is That Show Still On?!?!?

Michelle Williams to Quit Dawson’s Creek DAWSON’S CREEk beauty MICHELLE WILLIAMS has hinted she’ll be leaving the popular TV series soon. The blonde actress, who plays JEN LINDLEY in the teen show, has let slip that she’s had enough of […]

Darth Vader Is Canadian

Are you curious? Do you desire information about Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones? Then here’s your chance to find out aboutHayden Christensen’s Jedi Journey.

But If I’m Here, And You’re Here, Isn’t It OUR Time?

After an already strong season thus far Sean Penn makes his “Friends” debut next Thursday. And no, it’s not as Jeff Spicoli.

Maybe You Have A Life

So if you were out, doing stuff, but are still curious, here is what happened on Survivor- Africa: Episode Three. And I’ll give you a hint- The butler had nothing to do with it!

Not A Good Sign

When Michael Jackson stopped working with Quincey Jones his music stopped being good. Now Our Lady Peace is moving on from their long time producer as well. Oh no! Is there a “Dangerous” on the horizon for OLP as well?

They Are Smart Men (And Women)

Tom Hanks to receive lifetime film award.

Forget Smokey, The Bandit Wants bin Laden

Don’t look now but, it’s Burt Reynolds versus Osama bin Laden. Get him Bandit!

Just Buy A Player! You Know You Want To!

DVD shipments have been seen reaching lofty heights as the busy Christmas Season approaches. And you wonder why I am always broke!

Get Ready For A Bad Pun

Seriously! Get ready for a bad pun. Are you ready? Then here it is: In the wake of the events of September 11th, patriotic American music is exploding on the charts. Hey! I warned you it was bad. But was […]

Is That Hakuna Matata?

The next installment of Survivor will take place at the beach. In a place called Nuku Hiva. It means “…no worries.”