She’s The Most Talented And Beautiful Woman Alive Today

What!??! You don’t know her? Well, rectify that! Get to know Natalie MacMaster and spend some time, as I dream to do, “In Her Hands.”

Probst Raps About The Castaways

“Survivor” host Jeff Probst discusses the show. Jeff, I’ll take “Old Time Rockers” for $400 please.

Will Caine Be Able To Join Austin Powers

Michael Caine might star in Austin Powers 3.

The Simpsons DVD Box Set

You own it. You’ve watched it. You have spent time with the commentaries. Now, find out even more about The Simpsons Season One DVD Box Set.

I’ve Got A Chubby (Story) Just For You

Chubby Checker wants respect. C’mon, let’s give it to him! Right now, he’s twisting in the wind!

What About Matt?

Will Ben Affleck be the Daredevil?

Egos And Emmys Won’t Meet This Year

Its still an Awards Show, so I hope we see some bravado, but more than likely the stars will leave their egos at home for Sunday night’s Emmys.

Try And Remain Calm

There’s no easy way to say this, so I will just say it. Elle Macpherson has launched a line of lingerie. Man! I can’t wait for that catalogue!

Scorsese’s Latest Will Wait Until 2002

A limited release is likely at the end of 2001 but for the masses, we’ll now have to wait. Martin Scorsese’s “Gang’s Of New York” is bumped to the first quarter of 2002. No explanation has been given.

I Finally Have A Chance!

Okay, so if you are like me, you are cleaning yourself up and heading to Hollywood today as Minnie Driver has broken off her engagement. Wow, Minnie Driver AND Kate Winslet are both available. I hope there is enough of […]