Here’s Where He Is

From the “Where Are They Now File”: The soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful hires Erik Estrada. Man, I can’t wait to get some CHiPs and watch his debut.

Give Her A Deal! She Holds The Keys To Nirvana

Courtney Love Offered Millions After Label Hears Demo COURTNEY LOVE has reportedly been offered $18.5 million by UNIVERSAL RECORDS after they heard her new demo. Love has competed recording the demo for her new group, Bastard, and is set to […]

Billy Crystal Raises His Voice

Billy Crystal discusses “Monsters, Inc. And that makes sense as we will all be talking about it soon.

Weekend Box Office Results

The new Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey film “K- Pax” em in and finishes at number one for the weekend.

Michael Jackson Is Finished

Michael Jackson has completed work on his charity single “What More Can I Give.” In order for the benefactors to reap anything the song better be more infectious that everything on his new album “Invincible.”

So I’m NOT The Only Person Out Of Work

Hollywood employment has slumped to a four- year low. Yes it is true. Life does imitate art.


Did the “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones” trailer debut this week in Los Angeles? As long as it doesn’t debut before “Meet Joe Black” again, I’ll be fine!

What’s Up With Dave Grohl?

Grohl to drum on new QOTSA album Foo Fighters leader and former Nirvana timekeeper Dave Grohl is lending his drum skills to the upcoming album by Queens Of The Stone Age, currently being recorded in L.A. In the current issue […]

13 Ghosts Comments

It’s not the greatest movie of the year, but “13 Ghosts” will hold your interest. Do keep in mind, though, that Shannon Elizabeth isn’t in the movie as much as you would like. Well, okay. As much as I would […]

You Know You Are Curious

Michael Jackson will be posting his new album online.