He’s Number One Somewhere

We won’t know until Wednesday whether or not he’s still the “King Of Pop” in North America but in the United Kingdom Michael Jackson’s new CD “Invincible” debuts at number one.

I’m Starting To Choke On The Hype

With over a week until it’s North American debut, Harry Potter flies into London. Man, with all this hype, this movie better be f%&$#ing good!

The Yankees No Win

Yankees lose! Yankees lose!! The Arizona Diamondbacks have won the World Series!

Jack Visits Site Of Attack

Nicholson Visits Ground Zero Heroes working at New York’s Ground Zero site got a surprise visit last Tuesday from JACK NICHOLSON. The legend arrived unannounced at the wreck of the WORLD TRADE CENTER to sign autographs and shake hands, and […]

Shrek Rocks On DVD

Without a doubt it is the best film of 2001. And now you can visit SHREK on DVD and video. And man! Is it good!!!

February 25, 2002

The release date of her new album is set for February 25, 2002, and my birthday is February 20th. Hmmm, I wonder if Alanis is trying to tell me something…Either way, the lady has dropped some songs from her upcoming […]

It Was Fun, But Not Magical

The new Pixar film “Monsters, Inc. hits theatres today. I liked it because it was fun, but it just wasn’t magical. And even though it is no “Shrek,” I will see it again.

What About Next Summer?

The Fall/Winter blockbuster movie season begins this weekend, but it’s already old news. Here’s a look at the Summer Movie Season For 2002.

Attack Of The Clones Trailer Debuts

Wanna see a trailer for the next Star Wars movie, but can’t get to a theatre right away. Well, here is all the details you need as George Lucas sends in the “Clones” (trailer). PS- I thought it was awesome!!!

A Big Weekend Is In Store At The Box Office

This weekend at your favourite local theatre it’s Monster Movies and Movie Moneymakers. And then there is that Star Wars: Episode II teaser trailer to contend with. Ah, what to see, what to see…