If You Are Curious…

…here is Britney Spears from A to Z.

Episode 2 Trailer Is Now Online

Happy Monday! The “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones” trailer is now on line. PS- It has Boba Fett!

No, Not Frank Black, Jack Black

Hypenate performer Jack Black prefers music to movies. Personally, I like his movies AND his music!

Have You Ever Wanted To See E.T’s Ass?

I guess he needs the money! After seeing hs friend George Lucas re-release and alter his highly successful films, Steven Spielberg is digitally enhancing “E.T.- The Extra- Terrestrial.” In one scene in the new version, you get to see the […]

Beware Of The Seinfeld Curse!

He is motivating no more! ABC has cancelled Jason Alexander’s sitcom “Bob Patterson.”

The Emmys Finnaly Have Individual Homes

After two failed attempts at giving out television’s highest honour, The Emmy Awards were finally given out. And in the end, “The West Wing” is best drama, but “The Sopranos” has better actors. Does that actually make any sense?!?!?

To No One’s Surprise…

…Monsters, Inc. tramples all others at the weekend box office.

He’s Number One Somewhere

We won’t know until Wednesday whether or not he’s still the “King Of Pop” in North America but in the United Kingdom Michael Jackson’s new CD “Invincible” debuts at number one.

I’m Starting To Choke On The Hype

With over a week until it’s North American debut, Harry Potter flies into London. Man, with all this hype, this movie better be f%&$#ing good!

The Yankees No Win

Yankees lose! Yankees lose!! The Arizona Diamondbacks have won the World Series!