The Monsters Are Number 1 Again, But Not For Long

“Monsters, Inc” finished the weekend atop the box office charts, but it’s time at the top will likley end this weekend as the “Harry Potter” juggernaut is near.

No More Big Mac

Baseball nice guy Mark McGwire says he’ll retire.

Not The Guy From “Miami Vice”, The Singer

Meet Carolyn Dawn Johnson. She’s a rising.

But, He Wasn’t “The Funny Beatle.”

The new George Harrison song gives a publishing credit to “R.I.P. Ltd.”

I’m Happy, Not Feeling Sad…

GORILLAZ Sequel, Feature Film In The Vine GORILLAZ plan to begin recording their second album sometime early next year. The album will be a soundtrack for a film starring the animated band which will be released at the same time.

Rapid Eye Movement Information

R.E.M.: Shiny Yellow People, Cruise News R.E.M. have announced a new version of the song “All The Right Friends,” which they wrote somewhere between 1979 – 1981, will appear on the soundtrack to Cameron Crowe’s VANILLA SKY. The band are […]

Gonna Kick The Bucket…

GUNS Tour Closes, Due To Kicking Bucket GUNS N’ ROSES have canceled their European tour set to begin in December, with manager Doug Goldstein taking the blame. “Following the euphoria of [the band’s appearance at the] Rock in Rio [concert], […]

They Had Sex

You might not care anymore, but we now have confirmation that Mulder and Scully did have sex. But was it an out of body experience?

Barenaked Ladies Are Giving Us More

Barenaked Ladies are planning a B- sides CD and a video compilation DVD. For now, just buy their incomparable Greatest Hits CD.

Macca Is Bacca

Paul McCartney finally returns with a new album.