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Ghostbusters reboot director says original stars have read script of new film

Director Jason Reitman revealed Saturday afternoon that the stars of the original Ghostbusters have read the script of his new film in the franchise. “Sigourney has read the screenplay… Dan has read it… Ernie’s read the script… Bill Murray has read the script,” Reitman said at the Ghostbusters Fan Fest in Los Angeles, according to the official Ghostbusters Twitter account.

In an interview with Parade published on Friday, Weaver had seemingly confirmed that she was set to reunite with Murray and Aykroyd in Reitman’s film. “It’s going to be crazy working with the guys again!” Weaver told the magazine. Sony, which is producing the movie, declined to comment on Weaver’s remarks.

Reitman also announced at the event that he was set to shoot starting the movie in five weeks time and that he wants “to scare children.”

In January, EW broke the news that Reitman is directing and co-writing a new Ghostbusters movie set in the same world as the 1984 original. That movie was directed by his father, Ivan Reitman.

“I’ve always thought of myself as the first Ghostbusters fan, when I was a 6-year-old visiting the set,” the younger Reitman said at the time. “I wanted to make a movie for all the other fans. This is the next chapter in the original franchise. It is not a reboot. What happened in the ‘80s happened in the ‘80s, and this is set in the present day.”

The new Ghostbusters will be released on July 10, 2020.