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Bond 25 Finally Got Some Good News

It’s been a long and challenging road for Bond 25. The 25th James Bond movie hasn’t had much momentum since Spectre hit theaters, but it seemed like it things were finally coming together when Danny Boyle signed on to direct. However, the film hit a significant snag when Boyle departed over creative differences, sending Bond 25 back to square one. It was a severe blow to be sure, and now the movie is on the road to recovery. It’s still unclear what exactly this movie will be about, but the writers are getting the go-ahead to turn their treatment into a script.

Danny Boyle was initially hired to write and direct Bond 25, which would see the return of Daniel Craig to the iconic role. However, creative differences forced Boyle to leave the project, and screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were brought onboard to write a new treatment. Purvis and Wade have a long history with the Bond franchise since 1999’s The World Is Not Enough, so it makes sense that they’d be involved with the latest movie.

According to Deadline, the screenwriters have turned in their treatment, which the duo will now work on turning into a script. It’s not quite as big as finding a new director, but it’s progress. The writing duo is reportedly using elements from Danny Boyle’s script, so the director’s version of Bond 25 will live on in some form. There’s no word on any plot details, which probably won’t surface in an official capacity until sometime after the script is turned in. The hunt for a director is still underway with names like Edgar Wright, Yann Demange, and David Mackenzie being floated around.

While the news that progress is being made on getting Bond 25 to the big screen is good, it can also be viewed as a mixed bag. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have written some good Bond movies, but it could also mean that we are getting more of the same. Part of the reason people were excited about Danny Boyle’s involvement was that is signaled something new and unique was in store for the franchise. However, getting more of a good thing is not necessarily bad, and Purvis and Wade were the writers of great films like Skyfall and Casino Royale.

The movie is still scheduled to be released on November 8, 2019.