James Bond

Do it, Denis! Do it!!

Who Daniel Craig May Want To Direct The Next James Bond Movie

With Daniel Craig reportedly set to return to the Bond franchise for one more ride in Bond 25, the race is on to find a new director to take the reins on the project. For many filmmakers, this would represent a dream job, and Bond fans have consistently chimed in with their ideas about who should get the gig — ranging from Christopher Nolan to Quentin Tarantino. Now it seems that Craig may have a dream choice of his own, as new rumors have hinted that the Bond actor wants Blade Runner 2049’s Denis Villeneuve.

With anticipation running high for Denis Villeneuve to dive headfirst into the Blade Runner universe, Daniel Craig reportedly seems to think that the Canadian filmmaker could similarly rejuvenate the James Bond franchise with the upcoming production of Bond 25. Craig is reportedly championing Villeneuve to step behind the camera on the twenty-fifth entry in the long-running spy franchise, and based on the number of hoops studio has been willing to jump through to lock him down, it’s not outside the realm of possibility to assume that the actor’s support could go a long way towards getting Villeneuve the job. This report comes after another recent news story broke suggesting that Denis Villeneuve was one of three frontrunners on the Bond 25 shortlist — with the other two options being Hell or High Water’s David Mackenzie and ’71’s Yann Demange.

As a filmmaker, Denis Villeneuve already has quite a bit going for him to deliver some strong results in the world of James Bond. With his work on films like Sicario and Prisoners, he has shown his capability of producing grounded, gritty, and downright mean thrillers. As the Daniel Craig Bond years have very much felt defined by a down and dirty sensibility, this could potentially make him a perfect choice to take over from Sam Mendes — who directed Skyfall and Spectre.

Beyond his potential comfort in a Bond film, Denis Villeneuve’s recent work seems to show just how ambitious his films have become as he has moved into bigger and bolder territory. Blade Runner 2049 has already garnered a ton of buzz, and his Oscar-nominated work on Arrival showed what he’s capable of when he lets loose and plays with cerebral, non-linear stories fronted by strong female characters. Put all of that together, and you have the recipe for a Bond film unlike anything that we have ever seen before. Per this recent Daily Mail report, it certainly makes sense that Daniel Craig may want Villeneuve for this job.

Only time will tell if Denis Villeneuve will step behind the camera for Bond 25, but it is a possibility that has us very excited. Until then, you can catch the director’s latest work on Blade Runner 2049, which debuts in theaters on October 6.