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KRS-One Accidentally Pays Tribute to Living Beastie Boy on Song About Dead Rappers Here’s proof that hip-hop’s biggest stars could also benefit from using a fact checker every once in a while — the legendary rapper KRS-One accidentally paid tribute […]

Say his name! Say his name!!

Stephen Colbert Laughs Off Trump’s “No-Talent” Criticism: “I Won!” Stephen Colbert wasted no time in addressing President Donald Trump’s recent comments about the late-night host. After Trump said he was a “no talent” host with “filthy” things to say in […]

I just hope SNATCHED is funny!

How Amy Schumer persuaded Goldie Hawn to be in Snatched SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — If you saw Goldie Hawn on a plane, you’d probably pitch her, too. That’s how Amy Schumer broached the beloved Oscar winner about co-starring in her […]