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Steve McQueen’s iconic ‘Bullitt’ Mustang found in scrapyard

The iconic Mustang GT Steve Mcqueen drove in 1968 movie Bullitt has been found in a Baja, California scrapyard.

The car went missing shortly after filming wrapped and McQueen spent years unsuccessfully trying to track it down.

It was recently discovered in a scrapyard and restored by body shop owner Ralph Garcia, Jr.

The makeover king tells the Los Angeles Times he initially had no idea the car he would be working on was McQueen’s Bullitt motor when he first heard about the discovery, and then an associate in Mexico told him he had checked the vehicle’s identification numbers (VIN) and discovered it was a real prize.

“My partner Googled the VIN and that’s how he found out it was the Bullitt car,” Ralph tells the publication. “He said, ‘You can’t touch it!’”

Top car historian Ken Gross has told the Times the Mustang could be worth US$1 million at auction.

“This is certainly on the list of top 10 list of most desirable missing cars,” Gross said.