I’m more excited about Alexandra Daddario than Dwayne Johnson but in the end here’s hoping it’s all fun.

Pamela Anderson doesn’t think Dwayne Johnson was the right choice for ‘Baywatch’

Pamela Anderson isn’t convinced Dwayne Johnson is the right choice for the upcoming Baywatch movie.

The Canadian actress and model rose to fame as C.J. Parker on the 1990s action-drama TV series about Los Angeles County Lifeguards, starring opposite David Hasselhoff in his role as lifeguard Mitch Buchannon.

A movie reboot of the show starring the former WWE wrestling star in the part originated by David is set to hit theatres in May, but Pamela has already admitted she isn’t keen on Dwayne’s take on the character.

“It was funny to look at The Rock and think he was supposed to be (David) Hasselhoff,” she said during an interview with ITV’s Loose Women which aired on Monday. “It just didn’t quite gel, no.”

The 49-year-old also dished that she has a cameo towards the end of the movie. And while she enjoyed making her guest appearance, she isn’t sure the film needed to be made in the first place.

“I’m doing a cameo at the end. They asked me to. But I like the TV show. I never wanted to do the movie, I don’t like when they do these remakes of TV shows because it was bad TV for a reason. It was good bad TV, now it’s going to be a spoofy movie,” she shared.

Meanwhile, the blonde bombshell also opened up about her recent visits to Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The controversial WikiLeaks founder sought asylum at the embassy in 2012 in order to avoid arrest and extradition to Sweden on rape and sexual assault allegations, claims which he denies.

“I think he’s a very important person. I think that history will look back on him and realize how important he is,” she said. “WikiLeaks is very heroic and very important – and it’s true news and that’s hard to find these days. If you want to get something from the horse’s mouth you go to WikiLeaks and really find out. I think that’s important in this political climate.”