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Rolling Stones bassist wants full membership

The bassist who stepped in for Bill Wyman after he retired from the Rolling Stones two decades ago would love to become an official member.

Darryl Jones, 54, an American jazz musician who started his career playing with the legendary Miles Davis, replaced Wyman as the group’s bass guitarist following his retirement in 1993.

Despite joining the Stones on tour since then, and appearing on every one of the band’s albums, including new record Blue & Lonesome, he has never been recognized as an official part of the group.

Speaking to the BBC, Jones said he’d love the other members to invite him to become an official Rolling Stone.

“Obviously that would be a really wonderful thing for a person like me,” he explained. “I have been a sideman for more than 30 years now. I think most musicians, somewhere deep down inside, even if they are sidemen, or if they are hired players, there is a desire to be in a band.

The musician added, “I would not be being completely honest if I said that it would not be wonderful, it would not be amazing, to be considered and, you know, jump into this organization as a full member.”

However he was at pains to say that his joining was, “not a decision I am in a position to make.”

The other Rolling Stones are generous in their praise of Darryl, contributing to a documentary about his career which is still in production.

“Darryl is the most solid cat, I mean my solid left arm,” Keith Richards told filmmakers Eric Hamburg and Rick English. “To play with incredible, he’s an incredible musician.”

Although he has now spent more than 20 years performing with the band, the bassist has found the time to work on side projects, and is currently writing a solo album.