Adore Adele Even More!

11 Things Adele Admitted In Her ‘Vanity Fair’ Interview That Will Make People Love Her Even More

Adele has never been one to hide her feelings (especially in song), but she also isn’t someone you see plastered all over magazine covers from week to week. So when she does sit down with a writer for an interview, it’s about as in-depth as you get. The most recent profile of the “Hello” singer appears in Vanity Fair, and she shares her thoughts on just about everything, from motherhood to Beyonce, even making a snarky remark about WiFi at one point.

Many people adore Adele already, but here are some takeaways from her latest interview and maybe you’ll fall in love even more.

She thinks her success is “f—in’ ridiculous.”

Featured in an excerpt before the article, Adele admits she can’t quite believe everything that has happened to her since her breakout in 2008. “I swear to god I laugh at every big thing that happens in my career,” she said. “I laugh out loud because I think it’s f—in’ ridiculous. At some point, the director of The Truman Show is going to come and say this is a sequel.”

She struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of her (now 4-year-old) son Angelo.

After admitting she’s “too scared” to have another child, Adele revealed that she had “really bad” postpartum depression after giving birth to Angelo. While she said it “frightened” her, the singer says she didn’t resort to antidepressants — but also didn’t talk to anyone about it. “I was very reluctant. … My boyfriend [Simon Konecki, Angelo’s father] said I should talk to other women who were pregnant, and I said, ‘F— that, I ain’t hanging around with a f—in’ bunch of mothers.’”

Gradually, Adele admitted she began gravitating toward her friends with kids because they were a bit more understanding. And over time, she realized what was best for her. “Eventually I just said, I’m going to give myself an afternoon a week, just to do whatever the f— I want without my baby. A friend of mine said, ‘Really? Don’t you feel bad?’ I said, I do, but not as bad as I’d feel if I didn’t do it.” She added, “It makes you a better mom if you give yourself a better time.”

She’s insanely protective of her son.

Despite the fact that Adele gives herself alone time every now and then, she keeps an extra careful eye on Angelo. “I’d sue the f—in’ ass off anyone that comes anywhere near my child.”

She’s in no rush to get married — and may never end up walking down the aisle.

Adele told the mag that she “doesn’t need” marriage to prove that she loves Simon, whom she’s been dating since 2011. In fact, she thinks having a child together is the bigger, more important commitment. Later in the interview, she gushed over Simon, calling him “perfect.”

She could care less if her legs are hairy (yes, even having a serious boyfriend).

Adele had no problem admitting that she went a month without shaving, eventually shaving because she was afraid people in the front row of her shows would begin to notice her leg hair as she walked up the stairs of her stage. When asked if Simon minded her hairy legs, Adele was quick to declare, “He has no choice. I’ll have no man telling me to shave my f—in’ legs. Shave yours.”

She thinks WiFi is going to kill us.

After commenting on how “pissed off” she gets to see members of her crowd on their phones, Adele made it clear that she’s not super big fan of WiFi. “This WiFi, you watch, it’s going to f—in’ kill our insides. … It’s just floating around. I’m telling you, we’ll find out in 25 years.”

She was drunk while writing a majority of her album 21.

Adele revealed she “was completely off my face” writing her sophomore album, drinking two bottles of wine and chain-smoking on a regular basis. “A drunk tongue is an honest one,” she said. “I can see from an outsider’s perspective that I will never write songs as good as the ones that are on 21, but I’m not as indulgent as I was then, and I don’t have time to fall apart like I did then.”

She has adored Beyonce since she was 11.

“She’s my Michael Jackson,” Adele raved, mentioning that her love affair began after she heard Destiny Child’s “No, No, No.” (Beyonce loves her right back, telling Vanity Fair, “She’s funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary,” adding that she’s “the most humble human being I’ve ever met.”)

She doesn’t consider herself a singer, per se.

While this may sound absurd, Adele said she considers herself more of a “wailer” than a singer. With Beyonce, Stevie Nicks and Bette Midler at the top of her list of favorite singers, she apparently doesn’t think she should be grouped with them: “They’re on the next level.”

She’s “a lot less bitchy” than she used to be.

Addressing the past boyfriends who inspired her songs of long-lost love and heartbreak, Adele admitted that hate got in the way of the love she once felt for each one of them. “But I’m an adult now, I’m a mother, and I’m a lot less bitchy,” she said. “They were interesting people, and while we’re not friends and I don’t see them regularly, I have seen them and it’s all fine.”

She’d love to be on Broadway — and even has a role in mind.

After Adele said she’s in this business for “the long haul,” the 10-time Grammy winner mentioned that she probably won’t do a huge tour like the 43-city Adele Live 2016 trek again. She could see herself doing a brief Las Vegas residency, though, and even desires to play Mama Rose in Gypsy on Broadway — but “like when I’m 50.”