When the price is right, they’ll all be in the same room together again.

David Schwimmer Says Buzz About an Upcoming Friends Reunion Is ‘Completely Inaccurate’

Could we BE any more disappointed?

David Schwimmer told reporters at FX’s TCA panel on Saturday that the highly-anticipated Friends reunion won’t be quite what fans are hoping.

Schwimmer said calling the Feb. 21 NBC special a reunion is “completely inaccurate.”

“I mean, in no way is it a Friends reunion when one member is out of the country,” Schwimmer explains.

Matthew Perry is the only member of the show’s original main cast that will be unable to attend the taping of the two-hour special honoring the sitcom’s director James Burrows. Perry will instead be in London rehearsing for his upcoming play, The End of Longing. While Perry will introduce his castmates via video from London, even Schwimmer agrees it won’t quite be the same.

“But look, it’s a great event,” the 49-year-old says. “We all love James Burrows and I’m sure Matthew Perry would be there if he could, but he’s working in London. Maybe one day there will be [a reunion], but this will not be it.”

The group has, famously, never had a full, onscreen reunion since the show ended after in 2004. And Schwimmer totally understands that the fans are begging for it.

“Look, I think it’s lovely,” he said of Friends’ long-lasting popularity. “I love that people are that into the show and I would love to see the six of us together and I’m sure one day we will be.”

He also told PEOPLE he appreciates that the show has touched new generations – including his own daughter, Cleo.

“I have a 4-and-a-half-year-old daughter and I came home once and saw that my wife was watching an episode with her,” he told PEOPLE on Saturday. “It was a lovely experience but also quite strange to see that my daughter is looking at me walk in the room. Literally she screamed, ‘Daddy, you’re on TV.’ It was really sweet.”