Sweet news!!

BoJack Horseman Returns in July

The first season of BoJack Horseman started out kinda silly — and then over 12 episodes kept its silliness but also developed into TV’s most accurate depiction of depression. Netflix ordered a second season shortly after the first premiered, and now there’s a firm release date: BoJack, Diane, Todd, Mr. Peanutbutter, et al. will return for a 12-episode second season Friday, July 17. (The whole season will be posted at 3 a.m. EST.)

The new episodes pick up not long after the first season, with BoJack in his dream role as Secretariat. But he’s still BoJack, and thus still a miserable jerk — except now he’s trying change, to be a, uh, horse of a different color. How many times can “Jellicle Cats” gets stuck and unstuck in one’s head before July 17? Oh, a bunch.