I bet that she would be a blast!!

Is Katy Perry Playing The Super Bowl? Five Reasons Behind The Theory

Could the KatyCats be flocking to Glendale, Arizona in February? Here are five reasons we think the “PRISM” star is playing the halftime show.

With the NFL regular season getting underway in a few weeks, pop fans can also start speculating about who will be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show next February in Glendale, Ariz. After all, Bruno Mars was announced as the halftime performer in early September last year, so the successor could very well be named in less than a month’s time. Although there are several worthy candidates to rock the Super Bowl XLIX halftime, one makes the most sense in our minds: Katy Perry.

Full disclosure: this is all just speculation, and neither the NFL nor Perry has signaled that the singer will be the 2015 headliner (the NFL did not respond to request for comment). However, here are five reasons why Perry is the most logical performer at next year’s Super Bowl halftime show:

1. She has big, current hits. Teenage Dream spawned a record-tying five No. 1 singles, and last year’s PRISM already has four Top 20 hits (“Roar,” “Unconditionally,” “Dark Horse,” “Birthday”), with new single “This Is How We Do” currently striding up the Hot 100 chart. While Bruno Mars’ halftime show in February had a relatively predictable set list, the breadth of Perry’s pop reign makes it hard to pin down which smashes she would trot out. “California Gurls”? “Hot N Cold”? “Firework”? They’re all fair game, and all universally memorized.

2. She’s internationally popular. A global event like the Super Bowl deserves a performer whose reach extends worldwide, and Perry has been touring as an international headliner since 2011. And guess who has the most Twitter followers — 55.4 million — out of anyone in the world? A Katy Perry Super Bowl performance won’t be hurting for viewers.

3. She’s family-friendly. Following Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004, the Super Bowl halftime show became a platform for Older Men Whose Nipples You Would Not Want To See Anyway — Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, U2. In 2011, the kids were finally given a youthful performer in the Black Eyed Peas, and since then, the halftime show has skewed young while cautiously offering artists that have largely avoided controversy in recent years (Madonna, Beyonce, Bruno Mars). Perry is right in the Super Bowl’s wheelhouse, then: a hit-maker with no real cause for concern amongst parents (except, of course, when she appears on Sesame Street).

4. She’s currently on an eye-popping tour. Here’s where Perry has a leg-up on other possible performers like Taylor Swift or the Foo Fighters: the Prismatic tour is already up and running, with a spectacular stage set-up and fairly positive reviews. That’s not a necessity for a Super Bowl performer — Beyonce and Madonna launched tours after their halftime shows — but it’s a nice bonus that Perry already has a proven formula she can bring in Glendale.

5. She has a big gap in her tour dates around the Super Bowl. The Prismatic tour breaks for six weeks: after wrapping up for 2014 on Dec. 20 in Auckland, New Zealand, Perry resumes on Feb. 16, 2015 in Barcelona. The Super Bowl is on Feb. 1, 2015. Hmmmmmm.