Can’t wait to hear it myself.

Daniel Lanois: U2’s new album ‘amazing’

Like U2’s legion of fans, Daniel Lanois is also eagerly anticipating the release of the Irish band’s long-delayed 13th studio album.

But the seven-time Grammy-winning producer, who isn’t in the fold this time around, says people can expect a top-notch record (rumoured to be produced by Danger Mouse) when it finally sees the light of day.

“Bono played me the new record a year ago, and I heard some amazing things then,” Lanois told QMI Agency. “I can only imagine what they’ve done between then and now. I can’t wait to hear it myself.”

The as-yet-untitled album was originally scheduled for an April release, before it was bumped to summer. According to the Irish Times, there are rumblings that a new crop of tunes may be out in September or October.

Lanois suggests there is a big reason for the slow pace of the group: “They are very smart people with great expectations from themselves, and they’ve probably gotten to a place that’s striking and powerful.”

He admits that he’s happy that he’s not hammering it out in the studio with them.

“I’m glad I didn’t do the record this time around because I don’t think I would have survived,” he laughed. “And they might not have survived either.”