To the surprise of absolutely no one!!!

‘Family Guy’ character back from the dead

Well, that didn’t last long. Just weeks after killing off a beloved character — and plenty of fan outrage later — “Family Guy” has brought back Brian from the dead. The show killed off the Griffin family dog, voiced by creator Seth MacFarlane, in the Nov. 24 episode, but in Sunday’s (Dec. 15) episode, “Christmas Guy,” Brian came back for good thanks to a genius move by baby Stewie.

Brian was run over by a car after Stewie had destroyed his time machine, but in “Christmas Guy,” Stewie ran into his future self, and then traveled back in time to save Brian from the accident.

After the Christmas episode aired, creator MacFarlane poked a little fun at the fan outcry. “I mean, you didn’t really think we’d kill off Brian, did you? Jesus, we’d have to be f****** high,” he wrote on Twitter. “Oh and hey… thanks for caring so much about the canine Griffin. He is overcome with gratitude.”

But the whole ordeal was all for a good reason: “And thus endeth our warm, fuzzy holiday lesson: Never take those you love for granted, for they can be gone in a flash,” MacFarlane wrote.