If this is true, I am shocked!!

Richie Sambora fired from Bon Jovi over money issues – Report

Bad news, Bon Jovi fans, it sounds like one of the band’s founding members has been shown the door. Lead guitarist Richie Sambora has reportedly been fired from the band’s upcoming tour.

According to RumorFix, Sambora was released from the band over monetary issues. He was working on a salary of $2 million a month, plus 20% of the profits of each show the band played, whereas his replacement signed on for a mere $10,000 a month.

In the meantime, Sambora isn’t just living on a prayer. He’ll still earn a paycheck. In addition to his songwriting credits, he’s also still featured on the band’s merchandise, so he’ll continue to make royalties. There’s also the distinct possibility that the two sides mend their fences, allowing for Sambora to return.

Bon Jovi kicks off their tour September 10 in Mexico City. They’ll make their way around the United States in October, before heading to Japan and Australia in December.