Doctor Who

I would like this to happen!!!

‘Doctor Who’: Peter Jackson wants to direct episode, Steven Moffat says

Could director Peter Jackson be looking to trade in the Shire for a TARDIS? According to “Doctor Who” showrunner Steven Moffat, he certainly is. While appearing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Moffat says Jackson is “serious” about wanting to direct an episode of the BBC show and only has one simple request in return, the Radio Times reports.

“I was at the ‘Hobbit’ premiere and he just wants a Dalek,” Moffat reveals. “That’s what he wants. We give him a Dalek and then he’ll direct an episode.” Not a bad deal to get one of the world’s biggest movie directors to take the reins for a little while.

Should Jackson sign on to direct, Moffat says the production would likely need to take place in New Zealand, where Jackson is based. While it would be quite a journey to move the show’s entire production there, Moffat says it’s “entirely possible.”

Now, everyone just hope that it actually becomes a reality.