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’24’ return scoop: 13 episodes planned

With Kiefer Sutherland and Fox plotting the return of Jack Bauer, we’re hearing some additional details about the plan.

You already figured this out, but now we can say with certainty: Touch isn’t coming back for a third season. The mystical drama was shifted to Friday nights this season where it struggled in the ratings. Even without a 24 revival, it was considered pretty much dead in the water.

For 24 miniseries/limited series, we’re hearing Fox is actually currently looking at a 13-episode order for the show. For a cable series, that’s actually a full season (heck, for HBO’s Game of Thrones, it’s more than a full season). So that would be a pretty significant potential order to bring back Bauer.

Fox had no comment. Hopefully there will be clarity at the network’s upfront presentation Monday.

Of course, a 13-episode order does raise the question: Will 24 continue in its real-time format, but just follow Bauer over the course of 13 hours? That would sort of botch the title, though, right? Or will Bauer face another 24-hour adventure, but the narrative will skip time? It would be great to see Bauer get on L.A.’s 405 freeway at the end of one episode and arrive at his destination two hours later at the start of the next episode — now that would be realistic action!