Rachel McAdams Joins Cameron Crowe’s New Romance

Rachel McAdams really should have become America’s sweetheart years ago…especially since she is Canadian, and we rule!! She has made charming turns in everything from Wedding Crashers to The Vow to Terrence Malick’s new film To The Wonder, she’s proven endlessly versatile and appealing (even when she’s playing the baddie, like in Mean Girls and Midnight in Paris, she’s tons of fun). Another thing working in her favor? She consistently picks great directors to work with, and now has found yet another one who ought to put her into the bigger spotlight she deserves.

According to Deadline McAdams is in talks to join Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone in the next film from Cameron Crowe. The plot details are being kept vague, but McAdams will play a former lover of Cooper’s character, and Deadline dishes that the part is “great,” and that “the movie is funny and romantic, with a tone similar to past Crowe films Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous.” Of course, that’s what you can say about nearly all of Crowe’s films, even the duds like We Bought A Zoo and Elizabethtown.

When Cooper was cast opposite Stone I complained that it was another in a long string of age-inappropriate relationships for Cooper onscreen, coming just after he romanced 15-years-younger Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. McAdams, on the other hand, is only three years younger than Cooper, which makes it much more the kind of matchup we can get behind. Of course, given that McAdams is reportedly playing the ex it’s clear that age is just a number here, but it’s a step at least.