Give it a listen, it is great!!

Fall Out Boy streaming new album ‘Save Rock and Roll’ in full

What hiatus? Fall Out Boy made its years-long absence all the sweeter with their recent announcement of a forthcoming album, Save Rock and Roll — and now that announcement is already old news because the entire album is streaming on the band’s website, in advance of its April 16 release. In addition, the lyrics for each song are included. Or as Patrick Stump, et al. wrote on the site, “Learn the words and sing along at our upcoming shows.” Not coincidentally, tickets to Fall Out Boy’s tour are also on sale.

All of that doesn’t actually answer the question: Is the album any good? A quick and dirty listen tells me that yes, Save Rock and Roll — if not worth the wait, because five years is enough time for five Rihanna albums — continues the band’s refinement, which began all the way back with 2007’s Infinity on High. As with that album, and 2008’s Folie à Deux, the guitars, bass, and drums blend in an alchemical stomp, with Stump still spooling out na-na-na aphorisms like, “This is the road to ruin/And we’re starting at the end.”

Head over to and listen to the 11-track album for yourself!!