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Next James Bond movie should be out within 3 years says MGM

The wait for the next James Bond movie won’t be very long. After the success of 2012’s “Skyfall,” MGM has announced that they expect to release the next installment in the long-running franchise within three years, Reuters reports. They also hope to announce a new director soon, after “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes decided not to continue with the series, but instead to focus on live theater projects.

During an investors conference call, MGM Chairman and CEO Gary Barber said the studio already has a screenplay for the next film in development. No story or casting details were hinted at, but Daniel Craig, Agent 007 himself, is signed on for two more films.

The next movie will be the 24th in the Bond series, which began over 50 years ago with 1962’s “Dr. No.” “Skyfall” was the most profitable film in the Bond franchise, raking in $1.1 billion.