Fingers crossed it is good!!!

Melissa McCarthy hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ for second time April 6

Melissa McCarthy bagged an Emmy nomination for her first stint hosting “Saturday Night Live” in 2011, so it’s no surprise she’s set for a return engagement on April 6.

Us Weekly broke the news that the “Bridesmaids” Oscar nominee is headed back to the show, and we’ve got to wonder if she’ll bring buddy Kristen Wiig with her (at least for a cameo?).

McCarthy’s career is red hot at the moment thanks to the smash success of “Identity Thief.” The backlash to the nasty comments made by film critic Rex Reed in his review of that film only cemented McCarthy’s status as one of America’s current sweethearts.

Frankly, after a run of pretty mediocre/terrible episodes, “Saturday Night Live” could use a little boost this season. Though it’s possible another popular host, Justin Timberlake, will get the show back on track when he returns this weekend.