Oh good gosh I sure hope not!!

Will Justin Bieber host and perform on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

“Saturday Night Live” may try to keep its hosts and musical guests a secret until shortly before they arrive, but sometimes the stars like to give things away early. That may be the case with Justin Bieber, who posted on Twitter that he may indeed be an upcoming host and musical act on the late-night show.

On Monday (Jan. 7), Bieber posted sent a cryptic message to his 32 million or so Twitter followers:

“maybe im hosting and performing on SNL…maybe. :)”

This is hardly a confirmation — that will have to come from “Saturday Night Live” or from NBC at some point in the future — but it does indicate that Bieber is will be including the show in his upcoming plans. It’s certainly not impossible that the young singer would appear as both the host and the musical guest, since many musicians have done so in the past. This would, however, be a new role for Bieber. His previous “SNL” experience is limited to a musical performance back in 2010 when Tina Fey was the host.

“Saturday Night Live” would be a good thing for Bieber right now, considering the negative-toned publicity he’s had as 2013 began. In addition to the death of a paparazzo who was trying to get a picture of the singer, Beiber has dealt with rumors of pot smoking and of a break-up (again) with Selena Gomez.