Two words: Why bother?!?

Lucas warns of ‘Indy’ delay

George Lucas fears his retirement plans may be on hold for the foreseeable future, because his final Indiana Jones plot needs approval from both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford.

The director, who created the archaeologist adventurer franchise, has announced he’s bowing out of mainstream Hollywood after he writes a fifth Indiana Jones movie.

However, Lucas may be working for years to come as his last script must meet the demands of the franchise’s “superstars” – director Spielberg and Ford, who plays the title role.

Lucas tells British magazine Culture, “I’m working on a script for those guys, but they have to approve it. It took me 14 years to get ’em to do Indiana 4.

“Harrison wanted this and Steven wanted that. In the beginning, it was easy. I said, ‘This is the script, we’re shooting it, let’s go to work.’ Now they’re all superstars.”

Ford last swung into action in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was released in 2008 – 19 years after its predecessor Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade hit theatres in 1989.