Boo hoo!! Another comedian who wants to be taken seriously!!

‘Mission: Impossible’ star Simon Pegg keen for more ‘serious roles’

Mission: Impossible star Simon Pegg has revealed he’s keen to take on more “serious” roles.

The British actor, perhaps best known for comedy roles in films such as Shaun Of The Dead and Run Fatboy Run, said he admires his Hot Fuzz co-star Paddy Considine for being an “very adept comic actor” as well as someone who can take on “extremely clever, serious” roles.

Pegg told the Press Association:I’d love to do some serious work. It depends on if the audience would let me. Sometimes they don’t like comedy people doing serious stuff.

He continued: “Tyrannosaur is an amazing film that I saw this year, Paddy Considine’s movie. [Paddy] pulled off an incredible feat with that movie. It’s a really tough, fulfilling film to watch ”

Pegg plays Benji Dunn, a technical field agent, in the fourth instalment of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible franchise, Ghost Protocol. The film is in UK and US cinemas now.

He’s due to reprise his role as Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott in the upcoming Star Trek sequel later this year.