That could be a good use of 3D!!!

Steven Spielberg plots ‘Jurassic Park’ 3D conversion

Steven Spielberg is planning to convert Jurassic Park to 3D, he has revealed.

The blockbuster director revealed that his original dinosaur romp from 1993 is the only one of his films that he is interested in going back to.

He told MTV News: “I’ve always said Jurassic Park, the first one, would be really good post-converted in 3D.

“I think James Cameron has done the greatest 3D in history with Avatar. I don’t think anything has surpassed James Cameron’s Avatar in terms of the 3D experience, beyond the fact that I love the movie so much, and so I figure that James is going to teach all of us a lesson how to post-convert.”

Spielberg continued: “If we follow his precepts, more films will be post-converted, but the only movie I’m interested in post-converting is the first Jurassic.”

The director said last week that Jurassic Park 4 is currently on schedule, and is likely to follow his work on Lincoln.