REM rule out any possibility that they will ever reunite Michael Stipe confirms that the band ‘is over’

REM have ruled out the possibility that they will ever reform again.

The band announced that they had split up in September after 31 years together, saying only that they had “decided to call it a day as a band” and have since said they have no plans to ever reunite.

In a new interview with BBC Two’s Newsnight singer Michael Stipe and bassist Mike Mills confirmed this and said definitively that there will be no reunion tour in the future.

Asked by presenter Gavin Esler when the band would be getting back together, Stipe replied: “We’re not” and when pressed further about when the band would tour again, he said: “It won’t. It’s done.”

Stipe did admit the band were sad, but said of how he and his bandmates were feeling: “It’s bittersweet, but it’s strangely liberating”, with Mills adding: “It’s oddly liberating and we’re very comfortable with it”.