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Bruce Campbell says ‘Evil Dead 4’ is in the works
A fourth “Evil Dead” movie is in the offing, and if Bruce Campbell isn’t starring once again, he’s at least in the loop on the production.
Campbell, who joined Twitter over the weekend (he’s @GroovyBruce), confirmed a report from horror site Dread Central that “Evil Dead 4,” which was announced way back in 2004, is finally getting off the ground. The movie will be more of a remake/restart than a sequel to the previous “Evil Dead” movies and “Army of Darkness.”
“Believe in the remake, dawg!” Campbell tweeted in response to a follower’s question. “The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.”
Dread Central says Bob Murawski, who edited “Army of Darkness” and the three “Spider-Man” movies for director Sam Raimi, has set up shop in Michigan to begin work on “Evil Dead 4.” Bloody Disgusting further reports that Federico Alvarez will direct.
What we don’t know yet is if, or how, Campbell will be involved. Even if the new movie is basically a remake, we’d think Ash would have to be part of it somehow.