It might sound odd…but I sort of understand this!!

Perry drivers forbidden to stare
Katy Perry forbids the chauffeurs she hires on tour from speaking to her or staring at her, according to the singer’s concert rider.
The California Gurls hitmaker is currently preparing to embark on the U.S. leg of her world tour next month, and a list of her dressing room demands has been obtained by
The rider reveals Perry asks for a refrigerator with a glass door for her backstage area, which must be “draped in cream or soft pink”, two cream-coloured “egg chairs”, vases of white and purple hydrangeas as well as pink and white roses and peonies. Carnations are strictly banned.
Drivers taking Perry to her gigs are not allowed to “start a conversation with the client”, her guests or fans, and are told not to “stare at the backseat through the rear view mirror”. The 23-point “principle driver policy” also states: “Do not ask for autographs or pictures, and especially not while driving!”