You don’t need her, Dave!! You are so much better than her!!!

David Letterman snubbed from Oprah celebration: ‘Disappointed and crushed’
Everyone who’s anyone was on hand for Oprah’s star studded finale celebration. Apparently that makes David Letterman no one. 
The CBS late night host voices his displeasure on Thursday’s “Late Show” at not receiving an invitation after spending “12-15 years kissing up to Oprah.” 
“Honest to God, everyday I get out of bed and I think ‘What can I do to suck up to Oprah?'” he jokes. “Because I decided at some point, I love Oprah. I want to be on Oprah’s bandwagon, I want to be part of Oprah, I want to be on the show, I want to be on the magazine, I want the whole Oprah deal. I want it all.”
And it’s not just regular disappointment he’s dealing with here… it’s much worse. 
“More than upset,” he says. “Crushed. I mean, disappointed and crushed. I wanna just bask in the glory that is Oprah. Who doesn’t?”
The two talk veterans had a longstanding feud before burying the hatchet in 2005. While many remember the awkward 1995 Academy Award joke (Oprah, Uma… Uma, Oprah), Letterman admits that Lady O’s distaste for him stemmed beyond that night, when he tricked her into buying his lunch.