How many of these will you retain?!

Oscars by the numbers
When Hollywoodís glitterati strut (500 feet) down the (33-foot-wide) red carpet for Sundayís (83rd annual) Academy Awards at the (3,332-seat) Kodak Theatre, they may be more focused on the (50) golden statuettes cast (2,000 miles away in Chicago) for the ceremony (first televised in 1953) than on their calculators.
But donít worry, The New York Post has added up the glamour, multiplied the glitz, divided the grit and factored in the star power of this yearís show. Oscars, weíve got your number!
$270,000: Value (approx.) of this yearís infamous swag bag from Distinctive Assets, sent to all nominees who lose at the Oscars, the morning after the show
$350: Amount actress Hailee Steinfeld earned in her ìswear jarî from crew members uttering the F-word and other expletives on the set of Best Picture nominee ìTrue Gritî
7: Stars Armani will be dressing for the red carpet
20,000: Roses florist LA Premier will use to adorn the ìwinners walkî
5,777: Voting academy members deciding the fate of the nominees
30 million: Viewers expected to watch the fate of the nominees
$51.5 million: Average production cost of 10 Best Picture nominees
$130.8 million: Average box-office gross of 10 Best Picture nominees (Box office totals from Box Office Mojo, as of Feb. 21)
1 mile: Distance between the Kodak Theatre and the Hollywood Bowl parking lot, where limo drivers to the famous wait out the show
6,017 miles: Distance between the Kodak Theatre and Barcelona, Spain (location of Best Foreign Language Film nominee ìBiutifulî)
50: Number of officially sanctioned Oscar parties
1: Number of officially sanctioned Oscar parties in Omaha, Neb.
0: Ounces of Champagne allowed inside the Kodak Theatre during the ceremony
30,480: Ounces of Moet & Chandon Champagne that will be poured at the Academy Awards Governors Ball immediately after the show
45 seconds: Time the academy recommends for an Oscar acceptance speech
1,700 man hours: Time accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers takes to count and verify academy ballots, by hand, in a secret location
42: Average age of this yearís Best Actor nominees
35: Average age of this yearís Best Actress nominees
192: Hours (approx.) it took nominee A.R. Rahman to compose the original score for Best Picture nominee ì127 Hoursî
92,854: Storyboards drawn during production of Best Picture nom ìToy Story 3î
40: Number of ushers and ticket takers inside the Kodak Theatre
700: Number of red-carpet bleacher seats outside the Kodak Theatre
16 inches: Height of ìToy Story 3î star Woody, with his hat
$200 million: Production budget of ìToy Story 3,î largest of all this yearís Best Picture nominees
13Ω inches: Height of each Oscar statuette
8.5 pounds: Weight of each Oscar statuette