James Bond

You know…he’s right!!

Moore wants humour back in 007
Roger Moore is calling on movie bosses to inject “a little humour” into the next James Bond movie because Quantum of Solace was too serious.
Daniel Craig made his second outing as 007 in the 2008 blockbuster, but the film was largely panned by critics.
Moore is convinced a more humorous script for the next Bond picture will impress viewers like in the days he played the suave superspy.
He tells Britain’s Daily Express, “It (Quantum of Solace) wasn’t a great film by any means and the series does now really need a little humour again, as that is part of the charm of Bond.”
The 23rd Bond movie was put on hold earlier this year after the MGM film studio fell into debt, but fans were given hope this week when company bosses announced a landmark deal to rescue the firm’s finances.