Rock on, David!! Rock on!!!

David Gilmour dislikes modern music
Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour is unimpressed with the state of the music industry, insisting modern singers fail to measure up to his icons Neil Young and Leonard Cohen.
Gilmour hates hearing the current crop of chart-toppers on the radio, and would much rather listen to tracks from his own era. He tells Britain’s Daily Express, “I keep waiting for someone who is as good as the old favourites I love, like Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, but I wait in vain – I can only live in hope.”
And Gilmour admits he’s wary of digital downloads because he’s convinced the practice of releasing music through the Internet will one day backfire.
He adds, “The old record industry is falling apart. The new system is run via a different system and the internet is driving it. I don’t know at what point one will look back at it and think of this period as a blip but I suspect something like that will happen.”