Doctor Who

So there you go…someone does want her for something!!

‘Dr. Who’ wants Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga could go from “Fame Monster” to space monster — if “Doctor Who” scriptwriter Gareth Roberts has his way.
The pop star’s penchant for wearing far-out costumes makes her a shoo-in to guest star on the long-running cult British science fiction series.
“She is no stranger to dressing up and would be more than a match for the Doctor,” Roberts told OK! Magazine.
He’s even gone so far as to create a storyline for a potential Gaga guest-starring role, although he has yet to reveal what it would be.
Gaga hasn’t signed on the dotted line, but “It would be a great coup to get her,” Roberts said.
Previously, singer Kylie Minogue guest starred on the 2007 Christmas special episode, “Voyage of the Damned,” playing the Doctor’s companion. The role was written specifically for her.