So, would he make it not be boring next time?!?

Adam Shankman’s (conflicted) Oscar Twitter thoughts
Throughout awards season, this year’s Oscars co-producer Adam Shankman kept his nearly 55,000 Twitter followers amused by sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits about working on the telecast, making up with enthusiasm what he lacked in punctuation and spelling.
It began in December: “Had dinner last night with Oscar cohosts steve martin and Alec Baldwin. Laughed so hard I almost passed out. This is gonna b goooood…”
The remark was followed by a number of other show-related Tweets. In many he queried his fans about whom they would most like to see appear on the Oscars. Some responded with tween favorites like Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus, both of whom ended up presenting awards at this year’s ceremony.
So it’s no surprise that, post-Oscars, Shankman has taken to his Twitter account to take on those — like the Times’ own Mary McNamara — who criticized the show’s pace, montage omissions, and dancing sections.
“did the best i could last night with so many perameters,” he tweeted on Monday. “just so everyone knows the horror tribute was linked 2 roger cormans govs oscar.”
Earlier today, he took to his page again with a more positive message, thanking a slew of people, including hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, co-producer Bill Mechanic, and set designer David Rockwell.
“I’m spool tired stilli cnt believe I just produced 1 of the most successful Academy Awards of all time. Humbling,” he wrote.
When we met with the show’s co-producer before the Oscars, Shankman was clearly as tired as he came across in today’s misspelled Tweet. After coming from the gym (also one of his favorite Twitter topics) two weeks ago, he ignored the never-ending buzz of his cellphone while quickly chowing down on lunch.
“It’s like living with a 24-hour-a-day panic attack,” he said with a sigh.
But Shankman is, it seems, still a bit stressed even though the ceremony is over. In a response to the controversial omission of “Charlie’s Angels” star Farrah Fawcett from the In Memoriam section of the show, the “So You Think You Can Dance” star tweeted today:
“Farah ommission: not us,” he said. “The in memorium recipients R decided on by an academy committee.”
He ended the day with a series of conflicting thoughts.
“If I ever am asked to produce the oscars again, I would do them totally different,” he first wrote.
Four hours later, he amended his statement: “when I said i wld change, I mean I livedwht we did, Alec & steve were brilliant.”
He soon added: “Clarify: I loved ths years #oscars. Best experience of my life. I’d just do things differently if I did them again 2 surprise ppl. dont wanna repeat.”